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Graffiti Zone


Come and join us at the Graffiti Zone at Tattoofest 2023! This part of the festival is sponsored by Galeria Koloru Kraków and promises to bring a lot of color, creativity, and energy to our event. During the Graffiti Jam, you'll have the opportunity to participate in graffiti jams led by talented writers. Additionally, you can share your skills and inspirations during open sketch sessions where you can use @posca_pl and @montana_colors markers. Paints, markers, and albums will also be available for purchase on-site. Take this chance to see their work live and get new ideas for your own creativity. [...]

Graffiti Zone2023-05-30T22:15:58+02:00

Ethnic tattoo


For all tattoo enthusiasts, we have something exceptional in store for you! Alongside our incredible lineup of artists, we have a special section dedicated to ethnic tattoos. Karolina Czaja from Primitive Tattoo takes care of this unique corner, and this year, we are joined by Ronna Ventigan from Spiritual Journey in California and Justyna Wajda from Hand Poke Tattoo Temple in Warsaw, specializing in the hand poke technique. You will be fascinated not only by the artists' skills but also by the profound cultural significance of these traditional tattoos. Come and experience the unparalleled atmosphere of this extraordinary place, where [...]

Ethnic tattoo2023-05-29T11:32:42+02:00

Limited tees


Attention! I present to you limited edition occasion t-shirts featuring artwork by Kasia Zagórska promoting the Tattoofest festival! These t-shirts are an absolute must-have for tattoo and festival enthusiasts. They are unique, stylish, but be aware, they are available in limited quantities! Don't let them slip through your fingers! Purchases will be possible exclusively during the festival.

Limited tees2023-05-22T11:34:41+02:00

PPPiercing zone


PPPiercing zone Although piercing is often and wrongly perceived as an addition to the tattoo studio, this industry has been experiencing its huge boom for several years, and decorating the body in this way is becoming more and more popular. That’s why at this year’s Tattoofest you will find a special zone devoted exclusively to piercing, and the Professional Piercers Poland association will provide you with a specific dose of piercing sensations on its fifth anniversary! In the PPPiercing zone, they will have the opportunity to pierce with as many as 8 piercers. There will also be no shortage of [...]

PPPiercing zone2023-05-19T11:57:38+02:00

Competition categories 2023!


COMPETITION CATEGORIES 2023! The upcoming edition of the festival is just around the corner, so we want to share the information everyone has been waiting for. We present to you 9 categories, with 7 of them being held in a dual mode, just like last year, separately for healed tattoos and fresh tattoos. Additionally, we are introducing 2 new, highly popular categories - Two-Day Tattoo and Cooperation. Take a look at the lineup of this year's judges, who will evaluate the entries with a full panel of 5 people. Moreover, in each category, we will have an expert judge to assess [...]

Competition categories 2023!2023-05-11T12:27:45+02:00

Old Port


Old Port is a new concept at the Krakow Tattoo Festival. It was initiated by Ania Szymoniak from the Kia Ora Tattoo studio in Warsaw, who has been emotionally and mentally connected to the traditional tattoo scene for many years. The main goals of creating this special zone dedicated to this phenomenon are its promotion, community integration, and showcasing the unique atmosphere that accompanies this style. Approximately 30 artists from Poland and 20 from abroad have been invited to the zone. The full lineup will be available soon in the ARTISTS section. In the meantime, we invite you to visit [...]

Old Port2023-05-19T13:37:25+02:00

Zone 90 – We’ll be heard again


ZONE 90 - WE'LL BE HEARD AGAIN American tattoo artist Dan Higgs once said that traditional tattooing doesn't mean dwelling in the past, but rather nurturing something that existed long before and will endure in the future. It refers to a permanent state of being in the midst, not at the end. With that in mind, we consider this time to be the most appropriate to tell the young generation and tattoo enthusiasts about the beginnings of the scene in Poland, to share experiences and showcase achievements that many contemporary tattoo artists could only dream of. The primary goal of [...]

Zone 90 – We’ll be heard again2023-06-03T12:47:40+02:00

The official poster for Tattoofest 2023!


We are delighted to present a graphic promoting next year's sixteenth edition of the Tattoofest festival. Its author is Kasia Zagorska from the Kult Tattoo. The traditional image of the female resident of Krakow first was featured on our posters with the 2009 edition. We are delighted to return to this motif, as we are constantly enchanted by elements of one of the most recognisable Polish folk outfits, which reflected the sense of beauty and high level of artistry attributed to peasant women. We also traditionally refer to the history and symbols of Krakow. This time with the maiden, who [...]

The official poster for Tattoofest 2023!2022-12-15T16:15:46+01:00

Before and after party at Forum Przestrzenie


On the occasion of the 15th anniversary edition we are back in our favourite place, Forum Przestrzenie. And this time, the before and after will take place in its friendly spaces. Your mood will be taken care of by the brilliant DJs of Forum Przestrzenie 10.06 DE la rocka i Łapsky // 11.06 Good Paul i Senor Soul, golden Jameson Irish Whiskey and, of course, we! Save the address: 28 Marii Konopnickiej Street.

Before and after party at Forum Przestrzenie2022-06-01T21:52:37+02:00

Expert judges 2022


During this year's Tattoofest, apart from a small revolution in the way of evaluating separately fresh and healed tattoos made styles, we decided to invite expert judges. Apart from the basic jury: Robert Borbas, Tomasz Tofi Torfiński i Davee Blows, tattoos will be additionally judged by: OLD SCHOOL/TRADITIONAL Leszek/Crazy Lessi   REALISTIC TATTOO OR WITH REALISTIC ELEMENTS OF REALISM / COLOR Joanna Fąferko REALISTIC TATTOO OR WITH REALISTIC ELEMENTS OF REALISM / B&G Radek Nikson Rozek  GRAPHIC TATTOO (LINEWORKS, FINELINE, TRASHPOLKA, WATERCOLOR) Fabian Staniec  NEOTRADITIONAL Bartosz Panas  NEWSCHOOL Janusz Więckowski  ETHNIC TATTOO (TRIBAL, BLACKWORK, GEOMETRY, CLASSICAL JAPANESE TATTOO) Karolina Czaja [...]

Expert judges 20222022-04-27T16:21:36+02:00