• Parking at EXPO Kraków is paid. The cost for one day (single entry) is 30 PLN.
• Kids. Children up to the age of 14 accompanied by a parent or legal guardian are exempt from the fee.
• Four-legged friends. Please leave your pets at home, as animals are not allowed inside the venue.
• The ticket entitles entry to the festival grounds and participation in all attractions.
• Purchased tickets (both pre-sale and on-site) will be exchanged for entry wristbands, allowing re-entry to the event grounds.
• Please do not remove wristbands during the event – they will not be replaced with new ones.

International Exhibition and Convention Centre EXPO Krakow

Galicyjska 9, Kraków



EXPO Krakow is the most modern fair and congress centre in Southern Poland. It has an excellent connection with the city centre (7 km), the Main Station (7 km), Balice airport (20 km) and the city ring road (5 km). At our disposal will be more than 8000 m2.


Parking during the event is chargeable, and the cost of a single entry and exit is 30 PLN (1 day).

Upon entry, please take a parking ticket and pay for it before leaving at the parking machine (cash only) or at the payment point near the main entrance (card).

The parking rules should be followed according to the EXPO Kraków regulations.


Can I get a tattoo during the festival?
Yes, that’s the main idea of the festival. We recommend checking the list of artists participating in the event and choosing the style in which you want the tattoo to be done. In the “Artists” section, you will find profiles that, when clicked, will lead to the page, fan page, or gallery of the chosen tattoo artist. Then, you should contact them directly, presenting your idea and any additional materials or inspirations, and arrange all the details regarding the execution. Some artists do not make appointments in advance, and the designs they have prepared can only be viewed on-site at the booths – in such cases, all details should be discussed directly at the festival. There is also a Flash Box on-site where we gather available designs and information about available dates. Our team will help you find the right design and connect you with the tattoo artist.

Are tattoos done during the festival paid?
Yes, the cost of each tattoo must be individually agreed upon with the chosen artist.

Do I need to buy an admission ticket if I am getting tattooed during the event?
Yes, individuals scheduled for tattooing are required to purchase a ticket.

Is admission for children paid?
Children up to 14 years of age accompanied by a parent or legal guardian are exempt from the fee. The condition is to present a document confirming the child’s age. Furthermore, we are a Kids-friendly event and have a special area for the youngest participants, where they will be taken care of by qualified caregivers.

Can I re-enter the event after leaving the venue?
Yes, but the absolute condition is to have the festival wristband, which serves as proof of ticket purchase.

Can I bring my dog or other pet to the event?
No, please leave your pets at home.

Can I bring a camera, take photos, or record for my own use?
Of course, but please obtain permission from the tattoo artist and their client before recording or taking photos.

Can I learn more about the tattoo competition process?
Full information about the competition categories, elimination process, and jury can be found here.

If you don’t see the answer to your question, please contact us.

RULES of the 17th Edition of the Tattoofest Festival.

The International Tattoo Festival, hereinafter referred to as “Tattoofest,” is an international trade fair and a meeting place for tattoo artists and enthusiasts. The aim of the festival is to promote the art of tattooing in Poland and worldwide, as well as to highlight the best tattoo works and their creators. The festival will take place on:
– June 15, 2024, from 10:30 to 20:30
– June 16, 2024, from 10:30 to 20:30
at the International Trade and Congress Center EXPO in Krakow, located at 9 Galicyjska Street, 31-586.

2. These regulations (hereinafter: “Regulations”) have been issued based on applicable regulations (referred to as the “Act”), with the reservation that TATTOOFEST as a trade fair event is not subject to the regulations of the Act on mass events, and these regulations govern the general principles of participation in the event necessary to ensure its proper and safe course, which does not constitute a mass event.

3. The regulations apply to all persons who will be present at the Tattoofest during its duration. Each person present on the premises is obliged to comply with the provisions of these Regulations.

4. The purpose of the Regulations is to ensure the safety of Tattoofest by defining the rules of conduct for persons present at it and using the premises where Tattoofest is held, as well as devices located there, and to regulate the rights and obligations of Tattoofest Participants in connection with the purchase of a Ticket to Tattoofest.

5. The following definitions used in the Regulations shall have the following meanings:
– “Ticket” means an individual entry permit to Tattoofest, which upon first entry to the Tattoofest area may be exchanged for an Identifier (wristband). The ticket may also be an entrance ticket, an invitation. Purchasing and possessing a valid Ticket imply agreement to the provisions of these Regulations of the Event and a declaration regarding one’s health status, confirming that as a participant/guest of the Event, one is not infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and is not under quarantine or epidemiological supervision, and if such a situation occurs or there is a change in the scope of the above, I undertake to immediately inform the Organizer. In cases where a ticket, entrance ticket, or invitation is not required, the Ticket signifies agreement to the Regulations and any additional Regulations supplementing this one and constitutes a health statement as specified above.

– “Identifier” means an identifier issued by the Organizer upon entry to the Tattoofest area upon presentation of the Ticket; the Identifier may take the form of a wristband permanently attached to the wrist, the design of the wristband is determined by the Organizer; only one person may use the Identifier; damaging or removing the Identifier invalidates its validity; it is forbidden to transfer the Identifier;

– “Zones” mean individual zones according to the Tattoofest map;

– “Order Services” and “Information Services” mean persons appointed by the Organizer, including employees of a person or property protection agency, identifying themselves with an employee ID, responsible for ensuring the safety of persons participating in Tattoofest, including checking the rights of Participants to enter the Tattoofest area. Members of Order Services and Information Services wear employee shirts.

– “Tattoofest Area” means the designated area specified by the Organizer for Tattoofest or another place where Tattoofest may be moved for valid reasons and announced to the public before the Festival; – “Tattoofest Participant” means a person participating in Tattoofest based on a Ticket or Identifier issued upon presentation of a Ticket. A Tattoofest Participant may also be a minor up to the age of 12, under the supervision of an adult, after purchasing Tickets for both the minor and the adult; a minor above the age of 12 may participate independently.

– “Ticket distributor” means an entity authorized by the Organizer to distribute tickets to Tattoofest. When selling tickets through a distributor, its regulations regarding ticket sales apply. The regulations of the International Trade and Congress Center EXPO in Krakow apply to refunds and appeals.

– “Force Majeure” – Force Majeure is an event beyond the Organizer’s control, which makes the performance of obligations impossible or may be deemed impossible due to the circumstances. Force Majeure includes, in particular: a pandemic, weather conditions, failures or disruptions in the operation of devices providing electrical energy, heat, light, acts of war or actions of state or local authorities regarding the formulation of policies, laws, and regulations affecting the performance of obligations.

– “Food Zone” – a place at the Festival Area where Festival Participants will be able to purchase, among other things, drinks (cold and hot), meals (cold and hot).

1. The regulations are made available to the person purchasing a Ticket or collecting a ticket entitling them to participate in Tattoofest (hereinafter referred to as “Ticket”) before such person purchases a Ticket/collects a ticket.

2. Purchasing a Ticket/collecting a ticket after reading the Regulations is equivalent to accepting the Regulations and undertaking to respect its provisions.

3. The regulations bind all persons intending to participate in Tattoofest, regardless of whether they purchased a Ticket/collected a ticket personally or through third parties.

4. Tattoofest is organized by F.H.U. Koalicja Radosław Błaszczyński, al. Krasińskiego 1, 31-111 Kraków.

5. These Regulations and the rules presented in the Regulations concern, in particular, matters that viewers should familiarize themselves with before entering, such as purchasing a Ticket/collecting a ticket.

6. Matters not covered by these Regulations are governed by detailed regulations, including: the regulations of the International Trade and Congress Center EXPO in Krakow, the regulations of individual zones and contests
Regulations of Tattoo Competitions:
Regulations of the International Trade and Congress Center EXPO in Krakow:
• Sanitary safety:

7. Tickets are sold only at the sales point, the information about which is available on the website https://convention.tattoofest.pl/#bilety. Tickets may only be sold at the price printed on the Ticket.

8. Reselling Tickets at auctions, auctions, or in any other way indicating a commercial nature of such resale is prohibited. Any public offering to transfer ownership of Tickets is prohibited, including as prizes in contests, lotteries, in premium sales, or any other promotions, even if it is free.

9. Only the original Ticket purchased in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations is subject to exchange for an Identifier. A Ticket purchased in violation of the provisions of the Regulations may be invalidated by the Organizer. The Organizer warns that buying tickets from third parties carries the risk of purchasing a counterfeit Ticket, which consequently leads to refusal to exchange the Ticket for an Identifier and entry to Tattoofest.

10. The right to enter the Festival Area is granted to persons holding a valid Ticket, invitation, entrance ticket, or accreditation issued by the Organizer of Tattoofest.

11. Participants of the Festival aged 0-14 years old do not need to purchase a ticket.

1Entry to the Festival Area is granted to individuals possessing an identity document (if there is an exchange for an Identifier) and a Ticket, which will be exchanged for an Identifier upon entry to the Festival Area. In the case of Festival Participants aged from 0 to 13 years, they may participate in the Festival only under the supervision of an adult,
2Regardless of meeting the above conditions specified in point III.1 above, the Organizer is obliged according to the provisions of the Act to refuse entry to the Festival Area to:
◦persons who refuse to undergo the activities referred to in point IV.6 of the Regulations,
◦persons under the visible influence of alcohol, narcotics, psychotropic substances, or other similarly acting substances,
◦persons carrying weapons or other dangerous items, explosive materials, pyrotechnic products, fire-dangerous materials, alcoholic beverages, narcotics, or psychotropic substances,
◦persons behaving aggressively, provocatively, or in any other way posing a threat to safety or public order,
◦persons disrupting the course of Tattoofest.
The assessment of items and their qualification as dangerous belongs to the Security Services.
3The Organizer may refuse entry to Tattoofest and staying on it or remove people from the Tattoofest Area who:
◦do not have an Identifier, if it is exchanged for a Ticket,
◦having plastic, glass, or metal containers or cans, etc.,
◦do not have an identity document,
◦sleeping on the Tattoofest Area,
◦causing any danger to other persons or property on the Tattoofest Area,
◦persons behaving aggressively, provocatively, or in any other way posing a threat to safety or public order,
◦persons disrupting the course of Tattoofest.
4Entry to individual Sectors and Zones is granted to persons holding the appropriate Ticket or Identifier.
6The Organizer ensures the safety of persons present at Tattoofest and order during the Tattoofest, in particular, it can do so by:
•Security Services and Information Services distinguished by elements of clothing or marking;
•appointing a Coordinator for safety matters, directing Security and Information Services, and organizing their work;
•providing medical assistance and hygienic-sanitary facilities.
•Tattoofest Participants and all other persons present at the Festival Area are obliged to comply with the orders of the Security and Information Services, including the Security Manager. Refusal to comply with these orders may result solely from their inconsistency with generally applicable legal provisions.
1Festival Participants and all other persons present at the Tattoofest Area are obliged to behave in a manner that does not threaten the safety of other persons present at the Festival, and in particular to comply with the provisions of the Regulations. It is prohibited to destroy markings and informational signs, advertising media, devices, and equipment located on the Festival Area, etc. Participants are obliged to use sanitary facilities only for their intended purpose.
2It is prohibited to:
◦bring dogs and other animals to the EXPO Hall Area;
◦sleeping in the Tattoofest Area.
3The Expo Kraków Area and the course of the Festival are subject to video surveillance. Video surveillance is conducted to ensure the safety of persons present in the area covered by it. The data administrator for the video surveillance and personal data in this scope is the owner of the facility – Targi w Krakowie Sp.z o.o. Detailed information regarding the conducted video surveillance, including the information clause for persons whose data it concerns, is located in places indicated by the facility owner, including its website.
4Information and Security Services, identifying themselves with an identifier placed in a visible place, are entitled according to the provisions of the Act to:
◦checking entitlements to stay at Tattoofest,
◦identifying persons to establish their identity,
◦checking the contents of luggage, clothing of persons, in case of suspicion that these persons bring or possess items mentioned in points III.2 III.3 or in point IV.4 of the Regulations,
◦determining the entitlements of persons to stay at Tattoofest, and in case of finding the lack of such entitlements – calling them to leave the Tattoofest;
◦issuing orders to persons disturbing public order or behaving contrary to the regulations or in any other way disturbing the course of Tattoofest, and in case of non-compliance with these orders – calling them to leave Tattoofest;

◦using physical force in the form of disabling grips and similar defense techniques in case of a threat to protected persons or to repel an attack on a member of the Security Services or another person, based on the principles specified in art. 38 of the Act of August 22, 1997, on the protection of persons

 and property (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 141, item 1185 as amended) and under the conditions specified in the regulations issued on the basis of this Act.
5Taking care of their own safety and property, Festival Participants and other persons staying on the Tattoofest Area are obliged to inform the nearest Security Service representative about any detected threats to safety or public order.
6Festival Participants and other persons staying on the Tattoofest Area are obliged to immediately comply with the orders of the Security Services, including the Security Manager, Security, and Information Services, and comply with their instructions regarding evacuation from the Tattoofest Area, provided that the evacuation decision is issued by the persons entitled to do so. Refusal to comply with these orders may result solely from their inconsistency with generally applicable legal provisions.
7The organizer ensures the proper level of safety at the Festival Area, including:
◦medical care provided by an entity with the appropriate professional qualifications and equipped with appropriate medical equipment;
◦ambulance service, located at the location indicated by the Organizer;
◦first aid points, located at the location indicated by the Organizer.
8Tattoofest Participants and other persons present at the Tattoofest Area are obliged to obey the legal provisions in force in the territory of the Republic of Poland, in particular the provisions of the Act of 20 May 1971. – Law on misdemeanors (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 2201 as amended).

In 2006 we hosted less than 30 artists,

now we have an honor of hosting almost 400!

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