During this year’s Tattoofest Convention, there will be no shortage of piercing! In the specially prepared Piercing Zone – PRZEKŁUJŻE SIĘ, you will find booths where some of the best piercers from our Polish scene will be piercing.

KULTOWY PIERCING @kultowypiercing




SZTORMOWY PIERCING @sztormowypiercing



PIERCING ROOM @piercingroom



Piercings will be done on a walk-in basis, so you don’t need to make an appointment. In addition to the piercing itself, you’ll also be able to pick up high-quality decorative earrings from various top jewelry manufacturers for piercings.

The zone will be open from 11:00 to 20:00 both on Saturday and Sunday.

Choose your piercer and get pierced!

Contact Info

Phone: Aleksandra Halatek 0048 793 513 777

In 2006 we hosted less than 30 artists,

now we have an honor of hosting almost 400!

Have you already choose your artist?