Magdalena Świerczek

An interdisciplinary artist born in 1998. A graduate of second-cycle studies at the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, where she received a diploma with distinction, completed in the Post-digital Graphics Studio. She completed first-cycle studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Arts in Krakow. Since 2019, she has been actively participating in exhibitions and reviews of artistic graphics in Poland and abroad. She specializes in post-digital graphics, 3D modeling, and traditional drawing. In her work, she uses digital means of expression, basing her art on observations of the environment, corporeality, and its structure.

Biosme Brock

Born in 1988 in Jelenia Góra. In his work, he combines outdoor with indoor, graffiti with mural, hard design with light illustration. His works constitute an original artistic universe called MutoLand – it is a world on the border between dream and nightmare with a view of the Karkonosze Mountains. Brocki most often places his works in destroyed and forgotten spaces, giving them an element of new life. His paintings are found in private collections in Poland, Germany, Ireland, France, Norway, Spain, the USA, and Hong Kong.


An artist and graphic designer. His works combine typography with experimental geometric forms. He seeks relationships between abstract lettering and figurative forms in his work. He paints, designs posters, and engages in broadly understood visual communication.

whyduck1 | Krystian Ścigalski

WhyDuck is an avant-garde illustrator, visual artist, designer, and artistic director. Over the past 15 years, driven by a passion for art and beautiful spaces, he has created original projects – hand-painted murals in Poland, Berlin, San Francisco, Morocco, and Lisbon. He loves working on raw street art, tailoring bespoke frescoes in private residences, infusing new energy into clothing and accessories, crafting new brand identities, and even designing album covers for musicians from New York. You’ll find him wherever thick, black lines meet a sense of humor and unrestrained imagination.


Kobik is a graffiti artist hailing from Krakow, active since the early 2000s, also known for his musical endeavors under the same pseudonym.

Filip Port

A tattoo artist creating in a realistic style. Both in drawing and tattooing, portraits serve as a source of inspiration in his works.

Jim Phillips x Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz Skateboards brand is the oldest continuously operating skateboard company in the industry. It was founded in 1973 by three friends who initially started the NHS company, focusing on surfing. However, it was the creation of the first skateboards that allowed the company to establish itself and grow dynamically, shaping the skateboarding industry. They were one of the most innovative brands of their time, being the first to introduce urethane wheels with precision ball bearings, revolutionizing skateboarding. Santa Cruz is also one of the few skateboard brands that entered popular culture by creating decks featuring Marvel or The Simpsons characters. They have always been connected with art in its broadest sense, collaborating with many artists, graphic designers, and illustrators to create their original graphics. One cannot mention Santa Cruz without mentioning Jim Phillips, the creator of the classic brand logo and the iconic “screaming hand” graphic, which debuted in 1985. Jim Phillips is one of the most recognizable artists in the world of skateboarding and surfing, having created dozens of unforgettable graphics that have become part of the drawing canon. His illustrations and posters are full of color and expressiveness, and his graphics have appeared on Santa Cruz skateboards and beyond for many years. The iconic Screaming Hand graphic has inspired many other artists who have created alternative combinations and variations of this globally recognized symbol.

Łukasz Sokołowski | Luk.sok

Born in 1981, he graduated from the State High School of Fine Arts in Bielsko-Biała. He has been drawing since he can remember and painting since the 1990s. He has been tattooing since 2008. Currently, he works in his studio “Księżyc” in Katowice. Both in his drawings and paintings, as well as in tattooing, he explores the realm of surrealism in a broad sense thematically.

Dominik Hanus

A tattoo artist and painter, born in 1990 in Krosno. He began learning painting at a very young age under the guidance of his parents, Janusz and Agnieszka Hanus, who instilled in him the basics of painting techniques and a love for art. He continued his artistic education at the Tadeusz Brzozowski High School of Fine Arts in Krosno, and later at the Stanisław Wyspiański High School of Fine Arts in Jarosław. He mainly works in acrylic technique on board. In the artist’s works, one can observe a great fascination with the world of fantasy and numerous references to mythology and literature. Light plays a significant role in his art. He finds inspiration in the works of masters such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Bosch. His brother, artist Jakub Hanus, had a significant influence on the painter’s work. In 2014, he began practicing as a tattoo artist. Currently, together with his wife, he runs the DeadLight Tattoo studio in Rzeszów. The presented series of paintings was created over the past two years. It was inspired by mythology and fantasy literature, particularly J.R.R. Tolkien.

Paweł Głód

The women he paints fascinate him and serve as a source of inspiration. Every time he creates a new painting, he feels as if he’s uncovering a secret, as if he’s getting to know someone anew.

“I’m fascinated by the motif of shadows falling on the body, adapting to its shapes. I use a technique I brought from tattooing – I paint only with black paint and dilute it to achieve lighter shades. Both of these fields complement each other seamlessly, and through painting, I develop and open up to new possibilities in tattooing.

I always paint with emotions. I transfer both positive and negative emotions onto the canvas. Each of these paintings tells a story. It would fulfill me if someone looking at them feels even a bit of the emotions I felt while painting.”

Supersklep x Tattoofest

Last but not least… our secret project done in collaboration with Supersklep. Skateboard decks, in the form of awards, have been accompanying us for over 15 years and have become one of the characteristic elements of Tattoofest. We invited 25 artists participating in the festival to design graphics for them. The result of their work will be showcased in one of the exhibitions in the Art Zone. The decks were made in the Nibiru Skateboards workshop.
The projects were created by:

Robert Borbas


Martyna Zuza Zua


Łukasz Smyku


Jan Fat Can


Jarosław Baka






Laura | Candy ink


Adam  Niezgoda




David Sz


Hori Shin


Vasilij Torgashev




Manuel Rogaschewski


Karol | Defo Tattoo


Kasia Zagórska


Izabela Borowiak






Patryk Hilton




Złe Decyzje


Jack The Lantern


Artem Tkachenko


Zone 90. – We’ll be heard again

After the spectacular success and immense interest in the 90s zone among visitors, we can confirm that we will once again host the creators of the Polish tattoo scene. American tattoo artist Dan Higgs once said that traditional tattooing doesn’t mean staying in the past, but nurturing something that existed long before and will endure in the future. This refers to a permanent state of being in the middle, not at the end. Considering this, we believe this time is most appropriate to tell the young generation and tattoo enthusiasts about the beginnings of the scene in Poland, to share experiences and boast achievements that many of today’s tattoo artists could only dream of. The primary goal of the project is to pass on the passion to those who are able to continue what the veterans of the scene started and still hold dear.

Our special guests of the zone:
Piotr Żurawski / Visages of the Panther, Gdynia
Tomasz Skoczypiec / Visages of the Panther, Gdynia
Leszek Jasina / Studio Tattoo Gonz, Szczecin
Tomasz Molka / Demolka Tattoo, Bydgoszcz
Dagmara Nawikas / Tat Studio, Gdynia
Jarek / Tat Studio, Gdynia
Wojtek “Zappa” Janiszewski, Sopot
Arek Małecki / Tattoo Jokers, Ostrów Wlkp.
Bartosz Zielak Zieliński / Tattoo Jokers, Ostrów Wlkp.
Wiesław Wiktor Cisowski / Rajski Ptak Studio Tatuażu, Rzeszów
Waldi / Shockin’ City Tattoo Studio, Vienna
Osa / Shockin’ City Tattoo Studio, Vienna
Tomasz and Ania Wroneccy / Tattooino, Inowrocław
Tomasz Cukrowski / Sugar Tattoo, Środa Wielkopolska
as well as the initiator and coordinator of the zone:
Sławomir Frączek / Poznań, Tattoo.pl

The zone will be divided into 3 parts: exhibition, workshop, and tattooing.
The exhibition part will surprise you with a large number of souvenirs, magazine articles, photos, archival video materials. In the workshop part, you will be able to prepare and solder needles for work, prepare machines for work, cut and install springs, and adjust them for work just like in the old days. The tattooing part will be used exclusively for tattooing in the style of the 90s using patterns from catalogs that were exhibited in almost every tattoo studio at that time.



Graffiti Jam

As every year, we have several dozen square meters to allocate for graffiti. During the event, you will be able to see the writers invited by us, for whom we have allocated several walls. Participating in the jam will be:







Gabriel Kiss



Additionally, traditionally, there will be several smaller walls where everyone can leave their mark. All those willing to join the painting are invited to the outdoor area.

Olek Syn Olka / Olek Rajewski

Born in 1983, a man of flesh and blood, a somewhat conceptual and pseudo-satirical draftsman, painter, and performance creator. A lover of playing with words, shapes, and colors. Creator of numerous original creative workshops for adults and children. Organizer of many alternative cultural and entertainment events, creator of the TELEDISKOTEKA thematic event series, co-creator of the SHY PEOPLE’S GATHERING festival. Podcaster and active promoter of creativity as a natural human need for self-expression and organizing emotions. A proponent of creativity in everyone regardless of age and experience, without judgment and expectations, emphasizing the process rather than just the outcome. During the festival, he will present several of his works inspired by life, which surrounds him and about which he obsessively ponders.


Supersklep Zone

In the external chillout area, you’ll be able to relax with a drink or coffee, listening to DJ Maślak and Juanin Casielles’ mixes. In the SUPERSKLEPU zone, we’ll be painting boards that will travel the world to adorn the walls of the best skate shops and tattoo studios! Additionally, you’ll be able to customize grip tapes using paints and markers.


I guess every person in our industry knows the pain of taking a good tattoo photo. Especially at the end of a long tattoo session, when fatigue sets in and the tattooed skin doesn’t look its best. It would probably be helpful to have some knowledge and tips on how to deal with such situations, what equipment to use to make the documentation process smooth and fast. We hope that the experts from cyfrowe.pl will come to the rescue here. Firstly, at their booth, you will be able to check, test, and talk about equipment, and secondly, you can take photos of completed tattoos.

They love photography and filming as much as the people who buy from them. They belong to the top photo-video stores in Poland. They have been operating in the market for 20 years and have built their strong position mainly thanks to professional advice, high service standards, and a rich product range. They sell online and in stationary stores (wonderful new showrooms in Łódź and Katowice, Gdańsk, Poznań, Warsaw x2 with a special, unique Canon Store in Poland). Their customers can take advantage of dedicated business solutions through B2B specialists or film advice (#BetterFilm) and purchase cameras, camcorders, lenses, drones, studio equipment, and more. They offer new and used equipment (after precise tests), accept equipment in trade-ins, and for the undecided, they also have a rich offer of their rental service Cyfrowe.rent.


Kids Zone

We want Tattoofest to become a family-friendly festival. That’s why we never forget about the youngest ones. With them in mind, we always carefully prepare a large Kids Zone, where parents can leave their little ones under the professional care of animators. This year, kids can enjoy:
– KIDS ZONE (12 animators / creative workshops (handmade jewelry, making paper wreaths), soap bubbles, braids, face painting, tattoos for kids, balloon attractions, coloring/cutting, coloring books, a toddler zone with toys) open from Saturday to Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm.
– outdoor WOODEN GAME ZONE by Mini Brain Academy (2 animators / 20 games / description below) open from Saturday to Sunday from 12 pm to 6 pm.

Donate Blood if You Have a Tattoo!

On Sunday, June 16th, the Blood Bus will park under the festival hall at EXPO Kraków to debunk the myth, under the patronage of TattooArtist, that people with tattoos cannot donate blood! Important. If you have a fresh tattoo, unfortunately, you must wait six months. However, after this time, donation is possible, you just need to want it. The donation itself takes about 10 minutes. Only disposable equipment is used for blood or blood component collection. 450 ml of whole blood is collected at one time. The actual collection usually takes about 10 minutes. This should be added to the time necessary to fill out the questionnaire, register, undergo examinations, and a medical interview – in total about 40-60 minutes. During the year, women can donate blood conventionally no more than four times (450 ml), and men – a maximum of six times (450 ml). On the day of blood donation, you must be well-rested and healthy, meaning you should not have cold symptoms, not be currently taking any medications (this rule does not apply to contraceptives). Before coming to the Blood Donation and Blood Treatment Center, you should eat a light meal, drink about 2 liters of fluids (within 24 hours before collection), and bring a document with a photo, preferably an ID. Before donating blood, you should also limit smoking and not drink alcohol, also on the day before blood donation.

Gaming Zone

For fans of computer games, we have a real treat: a journey into the past. Be sure to visit our zone with games from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and the beginning of the 21st century. You will find over 20 stations with old-school equipment including Commodore 64, Amiga 500, NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Pegasus, Vectrex, Atari 2600, PONG, and many, many more. You will have the opportunity to play the best games from the late 20th century.
Go Gamers!

Banana-Ink – always with us

Since 2010, it has participated in conventions, where at a prepared stand you can try your hand at tattooing with professional machines on banana skin. Banana skin has similar properties to human skin, on which you can outline, shade, fill in. Saski step by step explains the operation of the machine, the rules of using the machine, hygiene rules.

Workshops on painting flash

The aim of the workshops is to familiarize participants with traditional flash painting techniques. The workshops include discussions on different techniques, materials, historical context, and demonstrations of how these techniques are used by tattoo artists in designing patterns and painting illustrations. The workshops are open to both beginners and those with experience in these techniques. In addition to theory, the workshops also include collaborative painting of a traditional pattern step by step. All necessary tools will be provided on-site.

Workshops with Sławomir Nitschke from the Poznań-based studio “Czaszka i Sztylet” will take place in the Workshop Zone in the lobby on Saturday at 13:00 and will last for 3 hours.
Limited to 10 participants, please send your registrations to the festival email festiwal@tattoofest.pl with the subject ‘Workshops’.

Creative Corner

The corner is an open space for creative activities for both children and adults. It is filled with various art materials, serving as a gallery, workshop, and a place for artistic experiments. The corner is moderated by OLEK SYN OLKA, who offers suggestions and encourages various solutions while ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and can develop their vision without fear or shame about their skills. It’s a relaxed atmosphere without judgment. The corner is organized to serve the pleasure of creative acts, bringing people together to explore hidden skills within themselves. It’s a place for interesting conversations and exciting energy clashes, for experiments, trials, and errors. It’s a place to momentarily escape the hustle and immerse oneself in imagination.

Saturday – Sunday 11:00-20:00

Typographic Collage with Mo

“I invite you to typographic collage workshops that I will lead during this year’s Tattoofest. During the sessions, we will work with newspaper clippings – primarily typography. We will focus on designing compositions with letters, creating unique visual poetry.

Our inspiration for these activities will be the grunge style. We will delve into the work of David Carson and unconventional typography, which, without losing its freshness, returns to us from the 90s, breaking the rigid rules of traditional graphic design. This will be an excellent starting point for our artistic experiments.

The workshops are open to everyone, regardless of age – anyone can join and try their hand. The classes will take place on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00, during the festival. You are warmly invited!”


Sketch session

As part of the saying “First theory, then practice,” together with Galeria Koloru, we invite you to a Sketch Session, which will take place:

Saturday 14:00-16:00

Sunday 13:00-15:00

If you’re curious about the phenomenon of graffiti or simply enjoy creating abstract shapes using various techniques, this is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge of letters and unleash your creativity and imagination!

The level of advancement is not important; let’s spend time together in an artistic atmosphere. Together, we’ll come up with a slogan that we’ll transfer onto paper. We’ll collectively transfer the winning project onto one of the walls in the graffiti zone, preceded by training in spray paint handling!

Outside of the sketch session hours, the drawing station will be available all the time, and you’ll find all the necessary supplies on-site.


Doors open for visitors at 10:30
11:00 Welcome and program overview
11:30 Contest – Newschool / healed
12:00 Contest – Neotraditional / healed
12:30 – Meeting in the Dialogue Zone Listen Up – Katarzyna Puzyńska
13:30 Contest – B&G realistic tattoo / healed
15:00-16:00 Meeting in the Dialogue Zone Listen Up – Robert Ruchała and Filip Wolański
16:00 Contest – Ethnic tattoo (tribal, blackwork, geometry) / healed
16:30-17:30 Meeting in the Dialogue Zone Listen Up – Wojtek “Zappa” Janiszewski and Tomasz Skoczypiec
17:30 Contest – Newschool / fresh
18:00 Contest – Old school / Traditional / fresh
18:30 Graphic tattoo (etchings, fineline, trashpolka, watercolor) / fresh, A5 format
19:00 Graphic tattoo (etchings, fineline, trashpolka, watercolor) / fresh, above A5 format
19:30 Color realistic tattoo / fresh
20:15 – Announcement of results in all categories and award ceremony
20:30 End of the first day of the festival


Doors open for visitors at 10:30
11:00 Welcome and program overview
11:30 Tattoo contest – Graphic tattoo (etchings, fineline, trashpolka, watercolor) / healed
12:15 Tattoo contest – Old school / Traditional / healed
12:45-13:15 Tattoo contest – Tattoo from the 90s
13:15-14:30 Tattoo contest – Color realistic tattoo / healed
14:30-15:30 Meeting in the Dialogue Zone Listen Up – Maciek Dąbrowski
15:30-16:30 Meeting in the Dialogue Zone Listen Up – Dawid Karpiuk
16:30 Ethnic tattoo (tribal, blackwork, geometry) / fresh
17:00 Contest – Neotraditional / fresh
17:30 B&G realistic tattoo / fresh
18:30 Tattoo contests:
Two-day tattoo
Best of Show
20:15 – Announcement of results and award ceremony
20:30 – End of the second day of the festival


1       Wioletta Błaszczyk, Paweł Dubrovsky, Przestrzeń artystyczna, Warszawa

2       Dominik – Hated Tattoo, Sebastian – Else Ink, Marlena, Orfen, Kraków

3       Yukler, Nikola Berest, oni.warsaw, Warszawa

4       Sootskin, Sstatts, oni.warsaw, Warszawa

5       Ralph.ink, oni.warsaw, Warszawa

6       Uladzimir, Zhenya, Andrew, Zmrok Tattoo, Gdańsk

7       Bestiarium D, Bogna Rumianowska, Zęby Trupa, Wrocław

8       Jacob, Znidonis, Monument Tattoo, AU

Rizzle, Tiger & Dragon Tattoo, AU

9       Aleksandr Zbarskyi, Czarcie Studio Tattoo, Kraków

10     Agata Brekiesz     , Czarcie Studio Tattoo, Kraków

11     Mikołaj Woźniczko, Dmitrii Osokin, Czarcie Studio Tattoo, Kraków

12     Alexsander Belenkov, Tatiana Rodnova, RightStuff Tattoo Studio, Wrocław

13     Vladimir Rodnov, RightStuff Tattoo Studio, Wrocław

Sergei Orliak, Donaueschingen, DE

14     Miro Morty Kovačev, Morty tattoo, Słowacja

15     Jakub Dinkz Chruściel, Dinkz Art Studio Tatuażu, Myszków

16     Michał Józefiak, Tasty Tattoo, Poznań

17     Piotr Ćwięk, Strefa Dobrego Dziarania, Wadowice

18     Aleksandra Pepłowska, WENA tattoo studio, Pułtusk

19     Marcin “Mały” Gadziński, Blood Line Tattoo, Świętochłowice

20     Patrycja Jurkowska, Marcin Nencek, Monika Łuczkiewicz, Kraków

21     Pavel Makaryszyn, David Szabo, Patrik Páleník, Rose and Dagger, SK

22     Paweł Chaberek, Daniel Kapała, jatutattoo, Gdynia

23     Nikita Katrakov, Agata Kowalska, Phoenix Rising Tattoo Studio, Toruń

24     Magdalena Milk, Krzysiek Krajewski, Kusy, Nice and Easy Tattoo, Warszawa

25     Futro (Herpelz), Brokatowa.Babka, Nice and Easy Tattoo, Warszawa

Żmija Tattoo, Uroki, Warszawa

26     Martyna Bogusz Zuza Zua, Monsters ink, Warszawa

27     Katarzyna Kowalicka, Katarzyna Cieślak (Selti), Hipner Tattoo Studio, Zielona Góra

28     Aleksandra Kozubska, Izabela Emert, Ładne Rzeczy, Łódź

29     Kubusowa Tattoo, Nikola Spanialska, Ładne Rzeczy, Łódź

30     Martyna Mikrut, Laze Amaze, Tygrys, Kraków

31     Rogab, Olya Miller, Tygrys, Kraków

32     Sleepy Passenger, Golo, Zmierzloki Tattoo, Katowice

33     Blacksun tattooing, Alaskkka.ink, Zmierzloki Tattoo, Katowice

34     Marcin “Insekt” Polak, Dominika “Osobliwie”, Kinga “Małpa”, Studio Tatuażu Totem, Chrzanów

35     Domin, Magda, Agnieszka, Lucky Tattoo, Tychy

36     Jarek Kenig “BUTHCHER”, Daniel “Pan Daniel” Włóka, TUTATU studio, Koluszki

37     Matúš Danihel, Matt Dan tattoo, Słowacja

38     Flare.ink.jar, Szerytattoo, Warszawa

39     Bejtu, BEJTTATTOO, Przemyśl

40     Bartłomiej Kluczyk, Rock’n’roll, Wrocław

41     Joanna Stachurska, Totu, Bochnia

42     HⱯPPY, Alina Fordrie, BlackMood, Kraków

43     Paweł, Oko Tattoo, BlackMood, Kraków

44     Mangoral, Kwin, BlackMood, Kraków

Lu, Kraków

45     Patrycja Maria Nifren, Left Hand Art, NifrenTattoo Studio, Kielce

46     Justyna Wajda, Blackstar, Warszawa

Michał Roszkowski, Tattoo Parlour, Wrocław

47     Bexxa, Eliza Mejcz, Fijoł, XY STUDIO, Gdańsk

48     Maks Nazarenko, Inkoherencja, XY STUDIO, Gdańsk

49     Trywialne Kropki, Natalia Starkiewicz, Filip Sajnok, XY STUDIO, Gdańsk

50     Primo Walasek, Nike, Studio Tatuażu Biały Kruk, Opole

51     Ola Hoim, Dawid, Florek Tattoo Studio, Kraków

52     Agares, Jasek Art, Florek Tattoo Studio, Kraków

53     Piotr, Sylwia, Wotra, Aerograffitink Tattoo Studio, Sosnowiec

54     Mateusz Kiełczyński, Jakub Kuberski, Zmora Tattoo Shop, Warszawa

55     Agata Woźniak, Tomasz Stroczkowski, Ewelina Witecka, Zmora Tattoo Shop, Warszawa

56     HoriShou, TPE

57     HoriHari, TPE

58     HoriShin, Zzneh, TPE

59     Zuzu, ChenHsiuWu, TPE

60     HoriRen, Chiusenn, TPE

61     Lechun, Yang Jie, Rae, TPE

62     Matusz Kanu, Too Hard Too Find, Wieliczka

63     Flink Nicole, Kubamoniek, Krakowska Pracownia Tatuażu, Kraków

64     Sara Derbis, ElxRetardo, Krakowska Pracownia Tatuażu, Kraków

65     Tomasz Kłodziński, Daniel Bles, Family Ink, Płock

66     Adrian – Asmena tattoo, Family Ink, Płock

67     Julia Dubrovskaia, Zgorzelec

68     Leshy, Siarhei Vaskevich, Valeria, Azazel Centrum, Warszawa

69     Jagoda, Debora, Ania, Elliott Miłość Studio, Łódź

70     Jack the Lantern, Thorns, Toruń

71     Ksenia Pokharkova, Matwei Telipko, Herki Tattoo, Szczecin

72     Dżolinka, Fox Orange, Kraków

Tatatrowa, Chawran Tattoo, Tarnów

Kuba Lenartowicz, Pilgrim.Ink, Kraków

73     Nik, Karina, Ana, Andrzej, MrocznyMisTattoo, Kraków

74     Gruchan, Stahowy, TattooZone, Poznań

75     Dziarek, Waniliowy Grzmot, TattooZone, Poznań

76     Artur Bond, Lira, Pain Tattoo, Szczecin

77     Ilonka, Karolina Słotwińska (Chuchu tattoo), Studio tatuażu Nie Po Drodze, Kraków

78     Robert, Natalia, ART FORCE, Warszawa

79     Dawid Bonku, Chałtura, Black Moon, Toruń

80     Kaśka Rundstuk, Paulina Czyżewska, CIAŁO, Kraków

81     Strute Kotki, Jeduin Tatuin, KOS TATTOO, Wrocław

82     Izabella Solarz, Samsara, Kraków

Aleksandra Zyskowska, Sen Tattoo, Lublin

83     Dawid Falkowski, Alicja Balaryn, Fraktale Pracownia, Toruń

84     Usmy Vuitton, Ciemna Strona Widelca, Tafla, Nessie, Nasza Tattoo Shop, Wrocław

85     Deep Red, Sleep Raver, Magda Trojanowska, Czarne złoto tattoo, Katowice

86     Adam Niezgoda, Kax, Ania Borowiecka, Monika, Kalka Tattoo, Warszawa

87     Mikołaj Mrozek, Marta Szymańska, Poznań

88     Vitaly Drew, Kraków

89     Krzysztof Cygan, Wiktor Maciuszek, Asia Grabka, 5510tattoo, Kraków

90     Kosa, Speak in Color, Wodzisław Śl.

91     Jarosław Baka, Krzysztof Pyrzyński, Adam Andrusyszyn, Rock Tattoo, Opole

92     Izabela Borowiak, Oliwia, Jarek, Mrok tattoo studio, Wrocław

93     Rudydziara, Tomek, tterapia studio, Wrocław

94     Dawid ObyOby Frańczak, Miłoszyce

95     Piotr Zwierzak Trager, Monika Dolata, Till Death Tattoo, Toruń

96     Patryk Hilton, LoveTattoos, Bydgoszcz

Marcin Gruby Kruk, Serce Róży Tattoo, Kwidzyn

97     Pavel Salva, Martin Novák, INKfamosu Gallery, SK

98     Emil Daniš / Jimmy, INKfamosu Gallery, SK

Almas, CL

99     Manuel Rogaschewski, AU

100   Dima Korsak, Sagma Tattoo Gallery, Warszawa

101   Serik Butenko, Wrocław

Emil Kosewski, Warszawa

Alex Zakharov, Warszawa

102   Łukasz Plumbaum, Oxi, Nikita Kuzmenko, Nie Mów Mamie, Gdańsk

103   Luk.sok, Księżyc Tattoo, Katowice

104   Laura – Candy Ink, Natt, Olga, Ola, Ink.fluence, Wrocław

105   Asgardian Ink, James Artink, Next Level Tattoo, Wrocław

106   Michał, Piotr, Łukasz, Studio Żmija Tattoo, Gdańsk

107   Agnieszka yadou, Karolina Slavic Tales, Dobra Tattoo, Warszawa

108   Krzysztof Sawicki, James, DE

109   Richard Kozma, HU

110   Tomasz TOFI Torfiński   INK-OGNITO, Rybnik

111   Marcin Kudosz, Thom Planter, INK-OGNITO, Rybnik

112   Radosław Grzywa, Karol Hoła, INK-OGNITO, Rybnik

113   Olga Kisielewicz, Adrian Gluzek, INK-OGNITO, Rybnik

114   Łukasz Smyku, Anika Tatts, Dead Body Tattoo Seminar, Łódź

115   Anna Karpova, Marcin Prochu, Dead Body Tattoo Seminar, Łódź

116   Gregu Tattoo, Marcin Andrzejewski, Dead Body Tattoo Seminar, Łódź

117   Karolina Klimczak, Ania Rubinka, Dead Body Tattoo Seminar, Łódź

118   Vasilij Torgashev, Ink Unit, LT

Eric Koch, Vortex Tattoos, CAN

119   Vainius Anomaly, Mary Ces, True Tattoo, LT

120   Attila Saska, Zsombi Nagy, Rooklet Ink, FU

Ábel Molnár, HU

121   Elle, The Atelier Tattoo Society, CH

Patrick Baumann, Salir, CH

122   Histia, Dagmara

Filip Port, Joanna Inkaust

Rafsmiler, Artem

Arczi, Łukasz

Natalia, Michał, Smutek


123   Ilja DMG, Sentattoo, Warszawa

Alex Kosta, NL

124   Alisa Sahar Junkjane, 13 tattoo Fürth, DE

125   Sasha Makovkin, 13 tattoo Fürth, DE

126   Andrey Leliuk, 13 tattoo Fürth, DE

127   Robert Shteinberg, Ksenia Shilova, 13 tattoo Fürth, DE

128   Stranded ghost, Ill tidings, Rage in a cage, AU

129   Tom F Tattoo, UK

130   Yarson, Yarson Tattoo Studio, SCT

Shaun Doherty, Zen Ink Body Art, SCT

131   Victor Portugal, Elena Lambreti, Dark Times Tattoo, Kraków

132   Radek Marszalik, David Jorquera, Dark Times Tattoo, Kraków

133   Max Ghostar, CH

134   Paweł Głód, Kraków

Gabriel Maniak, UK

135   Kubec, Tomas, Wolf Town Tattoo Collective, SK

136   Bibiana, Wolf Town Tattoo Collective, SK

137   Alex, Diana, Wolf Town Tattoo Collective, SK

138   Gianmaria Moschino (g.nite), Matteo Bottoni (mab.tattoo), PureMorning tattoo Shop, IT

139   Kuba Drożak, Poznań

Roman Harsche-Zarzeczny, Kult Tattoo, Kraków

140   Kamil Szczypczyk, Piotr Kmita, Kult Tattoo, Kraków

151   Żenia, Orhan, Jungle Tattoo, Warszawa

152   Fukzer, Lolka, Jungle Tattoo, Warszawa

153   Jehor, Fred, Jungle Tattoo, Warszawa

154   Anastasia, Space Tattoo, Warszawa

155   Vlad, Kałach, Space Tattoo, Warszawa

156   Ewelina, Eliasz, Space Tattoo, Warszawa

157   Rajczak, Pomidor, Space Tattoo, Warszawa

158   Sergiej Grevtsev, Aleh Chabatarou, Mad Krolik, Sopot

159   Ania Rudenko, Aliya Yerzhanova, Mad Krolik, Sopot

160   Karolina Gnat, Mad Krolik, Warszawa

Artem, Mad Krolik, Sopot

161   Tattoo Championship   | Szymon Szumala, Bartek Dziadek, Mikołaj Ceglarek,

162   Tattoo Championship   | Asia Akvarko, Jagoda, Karol Defo, Tomek Habryn

163   Tattoo Championship   | Olga Aglo, Piotr Kufta, Maciej Kidaj

164   Sersky, ANDROMEDA, Sosnowiec

165   B. saint tattoo, Dominik Gołębiowski, ANDROMEDA, Sosnowiec

166   Daniel Olszewski, Patryk Olszewski, Angels and Devils, Białystok

167   Nikolai Ivanov, Norbert Downar, Angels and Devils, Białystok

168   Kamil Siemienowicz, Angels and Devils, Białystok

Maciek Olszewski, Turbo Tattoo, Białystok

169   Joanna Giżewska, Zuza Żukowicka, No Name Tattoo, Białystok

170   Łukasz Lasota, ZbZ tattoo, Lucky13 Tattoo studio, Szczecinek

171   Zygocia, Kinga Drążek, Lucky13 Tattoo studio, Szczecinek

172   Gorfu, Dziarki Darki, Lucky13 Tattoo studio, Szczecinek

173   Domi | jeszczesekunde, Warszawa

Bear Tattoo, Szczecinek

174   Emil, Sillou, Helli Mos, SZTORM TATTOO, Gdańsk

175   Michał, Alina, SZTORM TATTOO, Gdańsk

176   Julia, Ziotewicz, Oktawia, SZTORM TATTOO, Gdańsk

Marta Levy, CZ


Siemor tattooer, Nico tattoo crew, GR

188   Mairy Bubble, Stergios Roumeliotis, Dots & Daggers Tattoo, AU

189   Stone Tattoo, Uncle Chronis Tattoo, GR

Paraschos A., Honest Tattoo, GR

190   Tamás Leiner, Sanyi Főző, Perfect Chaos Tattoo, HU

191   Viktor Hír, WiX tattoo, SK

Gergo, Black Paradise Tattoo, HU

192   Madocsai Angéla, Simonyák Borbála, Ng Ink Tattoo, HU

193   Fishero, Yoga Spank, Bocca Junior, Freihand tattoo, CZ

194   Lilla Tillinger, Krisztian Borocz, Ardea Tattoo, HU

195   Dávid Fehér, Eszter Barth, Oh Baby Tattoo Studio, HU

196   Zuk Tattooing, Zazou Tatou, Les Filles de Neptune, FR

197   Kovach Julianna, Smirnova Yevheniia, Datura tattoo, UKR

198   Gery, Tamas, Genesis Tattoo, HU

199   Wendy, Banyai Dani, Genesis Tattoo, HU

200   Zsuzsa Fábri, Illés Bori  , Fine Heart Custom Ink, HU

201   Mimi Szalai, Róbert Erdősi, Fine Heart Custom Ink, HU

202   Ferenc Halász, Fine Heart Custom Ink, HU

Orsi Blume, Avanteberlin, DE

203   Krisztián Zukowski, Zuki Tattoo, HU

204   Zdenka Haas, Veronika Hanuliakova, Recoil Free Art Atelier, SK

205   Danilejko Tattoo, Central ink Studio, SK

Majky tattoo, CZ

206   Miroslav Molek, Yart Tattoo Space, CZ

207   Korky, Miroslav Lašík, Overdose Art Tattoo Studio, SK

208   Tattooartist | Marta Franckovska, Agnieszka Stanielewicz, INK in the FOG, Stalowa Wola

209   Tattooartist | Mateusz Januszek/StayCold x Kri Sever, FamilyInk, Płock

Kasia Chęś/ Inkferno, Bydgoszcz

210   Inkgroda, Gaja, Lunatyk, Warszawa

211   Dżess, Martovska, Lunatyk, Warszawa

212   Emwi, Lunatyk, Warszawa

213   Roberto Cambise, Alex Manole, Nautilus Tattoo Studio, IT

214   Andreea Gegea, Jacopo Tomasi, Nautilus Tattoo Studio, IT

215   Linda, David Klvac, Our Future Tattoo, CZ

216   BANANA INK  

217   Tomasz Kołucki, Marek Granieczny, TRIP Tattoo Shop, Rybnik

218   Karol Rybakowski, Mariusz Harasymów, TRIP Tattoo Shop, Rybnik

219   Ada So Tattoo, Ela Marzec, Dominika Markowiak, Machinarium Tattoo, Katowice

220   Michał Bryndal, Strzelce Opolskie, Bez Bólu Tattoo

221   Sonya, Oleksandr, Daria, Fineline Tattoo Gallery, Kraków

222   Mrcl, Zwidy Pracownia, Gdańsk

223   Maciek Troszka, Sashka, Spider Tattoo

224   Robert Bunda, Kitti Filutás, Frogbite tattoo, HU

225   Ola, Łukasz, JuniorINK, Warszawa

226   Yauhen Abu, Jodżi, Azazel, Warszawa

227   Emil Bajer, Emil Bajer Tattoo, Koszalin

228   Kuba Siudowsky, Sasha Ehmmili, Emil Bajer Tattoo, Koszalin

229   Wołek, Podróż po skórze, Dominik, Dzierżoniów

230   Adrian Bieszczad, House of Wolves, UK

Lexi Hurst, 72 Street Tattoo, UK

231   Radek Orliński, House of Tattoos, Pszczyna

232   Igor Lubecki, Malin, The Bulldog Tattoo Shop, Bielsko-Biała

233   Ralfy Dąbrowski, Vados, The Bulldog Tattoo Shop, Bielsko-Biała

234   Tamuna Shatirishvili, Asya Sitarska, Portico Gallery, Warszawa

235   Ruslan Vereshagin, Nastya Karnialiuk, Alex Throy, Portico Gallery, Warszawa


OP_1 Tomasz Pniak, Czarna Igła

OP_2 Kolanko, Wiki

OP_3 Tosia, Kamila Barwin

OP_4 Sławek Nitschke oraz Kuba Kujawa, Weronika Nitschke

OP_5 Victor Srpon, Yuri

OP_6 Marta „Kika”, Fostek

OP_7 Bartek Baro, Crazy Lessi Leszek

OP_8 Krzysiek Renton, Radrat ZTR

OP_9 Paweł Szotek, HRT

OP_10        Patryk Ważny, Ceentaur

OP_11        Martyna Jankowiak, Eugene

OP_12        Baczyński, Złe decyzje

OP_13        Restmirato, Blady Czort

OP_14        Biak, Radek Mozda

OP_15        Marcel Ustowski, Jade Simpson

OP_16        Evel Kubiak, Mazak i Paulina

OP_17        Kris ZTS, Leszek ZTS

OP_18        Khimz, Samöwar

OP_19        Andrei Vintikov, Victar Daineka

OP_20        Vitaliy Petrykevich, Julia Zakrzewska

Ethnic Tattoo

Karolina Czaja, Primitive Tattoo, Warszawa

Ryan Rosfian, Warszawa

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