This year, we’ve planned tattoo competitions in as many as 19 categories. We maintain a division between healed tattoos and those done during the festival. Selecting the best pieces, we’ve entrusted to a jury consisting of:

Magdalena Hipner

Katarzyna Kejti Dumka

Bartosz Panas


Radek Nikson Rożek


This year, the role of experts in individual categories will be filled by:

Old school/Traditional – Sławomir Nitschke, Czaszka i Sztylet, Poznań  

Neotraditional – Piotr Gie, Fala, Koszalin

Newschool – Janusz Więckowski, Studio Szerszeń, Bydgoszcz

Ethnic tattoo – Krzysztof Krajewski, Nice and Easy, Warszawa

Sur/realistic colour – Michał Wurszt

Sur/realistic b&g – Jarek Goraj Gorajek

Graphic tattoo – Timur Lysenko

90s Tattoo – Sławek Frączek, Tattoo.pl, Poznań

The role of the preliminary selector reviewing the works will traditionally be carried out by  Marcin Małczyk.

You can find detailed information about categories, submission rules, special awards, category rules, competition FAQs, and the hourly program HERE.


Contact Info

Phone: Aleksandra Halatek 0048 793 513 777

In 2006 we hosted less than 30 artists,

now we have an honor of hosting almost 400!

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