T H A N K Y O U!
Here’s a quick trailer of what was going on at 2019 Tattoofest Convention.
See you next year 13-14.06.2020 -> 15. Tattoofest

Konkurs Tatuazu Tattoofest Convention Festiwal 2018 Krakow



Medium color

I – Jaromir Mucowski, WHITE RABBIT TATTOO PARLOUR, Gdynia/PL
II – Karolina Wilczewska, WHITE RABBIT TATTOO PARLOUR, Gdynia/PL
III – Aleksandra Kozubska, ŁADNE RZECZY TATTOO, Łódź/PL

Medium black & grey
II – Aleksandra Kozubska, ŁADNE RZECZY TATTOO, Łódź/PL
III – Julia Szewczykowska, NOIR, Warszawa/PL

Big composition
I – Kamil Czapiga, ON THE ROAD, PL
II – Bartosz Panas, CAFFEINE TATTOO, Warszawa/PL

Mini tattoo
I – Dawid Szubert, PRACOWNIA LUNATYK, Warszawa/PL
II – MRÓ (Maja Różycka), ZMIERZLOKI, Tychy/PL

Graphic tattoo
III – Julia Szewczykowska, NOIR, Warszawa/PL

Experimental tattoo
I – Bartosz Jakub Namiotko, XY STUDIO, Gdańsk/PL
II – Timur Lysenko, REDBERRY TATTOO, Wrocław/PL
III – Joanna Zielińska, LUCKYTATTOO, Katowice/PL

Best of day – Saturday
I – Helena Zołotych, VOICE OF INK TATTOO, Wrocław/PL
III – Timur Lysenko, REDBERRY TATTOO, Wrocław/PL

Small color
I – Usmy Vuitton, NASZA TATTOO SHOP, Wrocław/PL
II – MRÓ (Maja Różycka), ZMIERZLOKI TATTOO, Tychy/PL

Large black & grey
I – Artem Metra, SIGIL TATTOO, Łódź/PL
II – Aleksandra Kozubska, ŁADNE RZECZY TATTOO, Łódź/PL
III – Krzysztof Krajewski, NICE AND EASY TATTOO, Warszawa/PL

Original style
II – Krzysztof Kamyk, ZMIERZLOKI TATTOO, Tychy/PL

Small black & grey
I – Sławek Pawlik, FRIENDS PROJECT, Bielsko Biała/PL
II – Mateusz Wolski (WLK), PAJĘCZYNA TATTOO, Katowice/PL
III – Artem Metra, SIGIL TATTOO, Łódź/ PL

Large color
I – Mateusz Kanu, HARD TO FIND, Wieliczka/PL
II – Vitaliy, AZAZEL MOKOTOWSKA, Warszawa/PL
III – Igor Mitrenga, IM TATTOO, Czech Republic

Best of day – Sunday
II – Hubert Napiórkowski, MONOCHROM TATTOO, Kraków/PL
III – Łukasz Bejtu, BEJT TATTOO, Przemyśl/PL


Here will be judged multi-colored tattoos that are bigger than A5 and no larger than A4 (21×30 cm).  

Please submit to the category tattoos in black or shades of gray, which are bigger than A5 and not larger than A4. It is allowed to use additionally max. two colors (eg. white and red)  

In this category will be presented large tattoos, required conditions: tattoos must cover the entire arm, leg, back or front. Besides of that, the tattoo needs to have a consistent topic and best anatomic composition. 

Please submit to this category tattoos in all styles, colored and in black and gray not larger than 10 cm.  

Here we have tattoos made in widely seen graphic style, colored and in black and gray and all sizes. Graphic tattoos are characteristic based on various tattoo technique.

Please submit to this category tattoos in all styles, all sizes, colored and in black and gray. This is the place to show all unique, modern, creative and innovative works. 

Here we have tattoos made on the first day of the festival. It is not acceptable the retouch or refresh healed tattoos.  


Please submit to this category colored tattoos that are not larger than A5 (15×21 cm).

Please submit to this category tattoos in black and gray and larger than A4, which take bigger part of the body (thigh, upper arm, calf, chest, belly).  It is acceptable to use maximum two more colors (eg. white and red)  

Please submit to this category tattoos in all styles, all sizes, colored and in black and gray. In this category will be presented all original and author’s style tattoos which have different styles and designs compared to other commonly seen tattoos. 

Please submit to the category tattoos in black or shades of gray, which are not larger than A5. It is allowed to use additionally max. two colors (eg. white and red).

Please submit to this category colored tattoos that are larger than A4, which take bigger part of the body (thigh, upper arm, calf, chest, belly).    

Here we have tattoos made on the second day of the festival. It’s acceptable to put in the contest tattoo started on the first day and finished on the second day. It is not acceptable the retouch or refresh healed tattoos.   


A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, where he studied painting with a specialization in new media. He started to tattoo relatively recently, because in 2012, however, more than ten years of experience in the field of visual arts allowed him to join the ranks of recognizable Polish tattooists in a short time. He likes to combine various media, apart from tattoo, painting and drawing, he is fascinated by photography, film and other, less conventional artistic activities. Tattoo artist since 2013 associated with the Krakow Kult Tattoo.

I have been a tattooer since 2013 but my fascination with the art of tattooing first appeared when I was a teenager. I have been drawing and creating for as long as I can remember. Some of my experience and practical skills I gained at university.

We have been running a private tattoo shop (Ink.fluence) with my partner Gregory since 2016. We have invited artists from all over the country. I have also visited many European studios over the last two years, watching and improving my technique.

My tattoos are marked by refined and colourful gradients, they are mostly feminine and detailed. I get inspiration from different influences, not only from the world of tattoos but art in the broad sense.

Phenomen is the world that describes Róbert Borbas most accurately. He took the time that most tattooers take to learn, to become one of the top artists in europe. He is tattooing since 2012. When four years ago, tattoofest intervied him, Róbert was tattooing only for 1.5 year and his great talent was already recognizable. Vision, passion, great energy, positive mental attitude are the features that got Róbert to the point where he is now. He is a regular (an very liked) guest on Tattoofest.


A) Tattoos done by artists that aren’t participants of the convention may be submitted to competition (that does not apply to Best od Saturday, Best of Sunday category).

B) Each tattoo can be submitted only for ONE category

C) When registering a model for competitions, please provide your full name (or pseudonym) and the name of the studio and artist. The jury will not have access to lists with the name of the studio and artist. Each model will receive a number, which will be called by the person running the competition on the stage.

D) When signing up tattoo should be shown for initial verification. Our crew member has a right to refuse to submitting a tattoo of a low quality or not matching the category.


A) Art

B) Compositional

C) Technique

Awards will be given after each category / category block.

On TATTOOFEST you can also get some washable tattoos made by Temporay Tattoos!

You want to get tattooed during Tattoofest but you don’t know which style and artist you can chose? We know how to help you to make that decision.

First solution, might be using dedicated application – https://tattoofest.inksearch.co/ – created by our partner InkSearch.co. It will be useful to find interesting artist and style and check booking availability during the event.
Second one, can be flash Box set up at the venue where you can find printed flashes prepared by our artists. Our crew will give you basic information about the design and let you know which artists are available.

InkSearch.co support and Flash Box you’ll find in the lobby next to the entrance to the tattoo hall.

BMX School on the 14. Tattoofest Convention.

BMX School is the profesional school of BMX, started in 2005. Michał Basta – the founder and professional BMX rider.

The main mission is to introduce all amateurs of this sport in fully professional manner.

During the convention,  you will be able to find out detailed information about their activities and borrow the bike ( in sizes for children and adults) and take advantage of free training.

DJ Bambus

He is one of the precursors of DJing in Silesia.

In the 90s he worked with the band 3-x Klan, later he co-created both albums of “Paktofonika”, compilation “Usta Miasta Kast” and “19 Południk – Własnym Torem” and CDs opf “Pijani powietrzem” , MCF and debut of the Projektor.

Until 2017 he was also an official member of Pokahontaz, with whom they released several albums. Scratches and cutes performed by DJ Bambus were also included in albums of such artists as: Buka, DonGALALesko, Lilu, Miuosh or Rahim.

His sets are  in old hip-hop mood, but still very danceable, as you will see during the TF (and also on June 8 on the Hevre affair)!

DJ GramWręku

He’s with us since the 10th edition of the festival. He will be with us on the outdoor area at TATTOOFEST. It could not be missed this year!

You can flow with his bassline sounds, jungle, breakbeats and liquid Drum and Base.

Gram w Ręku quarantee energetic and unfogettable music climat of every event, That’s why he will officially open the party and will welcome the guests in Hevre on the before party!

DJ Bili 

His style of playing is the mix of various music genres, mainly boom bap rap, reggae, funk and club music.

He played on one stage with such iconic artists as: KRS-One, TECH N9ne, Tony Touch, Jeru The Damaja, Marco Polo, Apollo Brown, Guilty Simpson, Termanology, Lil Fame of M.O.P., A.Z. or Skyzoo.

Bili will present you his music skills on both days of TATTOOFEST  in the outdoor festival zone.

Junior H2O

Collector, selector and fan of vinyl records.

Plays since 2005.

Co-founder of the record store Records Dillaz in Cracow, operating since 2011.

Plays mainly hip hop, funk , downtempo, reagge/dub, breakbeat, nu-skool breakz ,drum’n’bass oraz ragga-jungle .

He played in lot of places like : Alchemia, Literki, Pauza, Piękny Pies, Forum Przestrzenie, Hevre, Finka, Bomba, Electric Cafe ,Hala Główna.

Karolina & Maciek

Karolina, born and raised in Cracow. Lead vocalist of pop-punk crew CF98 for over 10 years now. Her musical career brought her straight to the final of X factor 4th season. She is a fan of whisky, silly jokes, colorfull tattoos and cats (which she is allergic to)
Maciek, born in Cracow he works as a day in Kult Jubilat Shop as a manager. Eevery Wednesday You can hear him in Off Radio Krakow in a radio program „Cult Wednesday” his guests are people from the world of tattoo, music, sport and other areas of life. His texts and interviews can be found, among others, in the magazine Tattofest and Barrier Skate Mag. As a compere, he conducted over one hundred events. He debuted as a compere in skateboarding competitions, he worked, among others, during the competition Etnies European Open and skateboarding Polish Championships, many snowboard competitions and even fashion shows 

Filip Oleksik

I started Slackline during holiday in 2012r.

From the beginning I really enjoy this sport.

I’m training both main form of Slackline – trickline and highline but I’m mostly trickliner.

Slackline gave me chance to visit big part of world and meet many awesome people, that is the point witch I love the most in Slackline.

I walked around 95 highlines an I took part in many competition, for example Redbull Slackship where I was 4th in 2016 and 3th in 2017 and polish championships witch I won. Also I did few nice performance with the best slackliners in the world the biggest one was in Abu Dhabi.

Saturday at 13.00
Sunday at 13.00

“Marks of identity- Tribal tattoos in Southeast Asia”

Until recently tattoo practice is widespread among the peoples of Southeast Asia. In my presentation based on my own experience in conducting fieldwork research in Asia, I would like to take a closer look at the historical roots of this tradition as well as its contemporary condition. By unveiling the structure of the symbolic meanings of tribal tattoos in Southeast Asia, I would like to bring this phenomenon closer to a wider audience.

In the face of a shoddy wave, electronic slate embracing an increasing number of domestic clubs, the only salvation seems to be discovered in Jamaica and modified by British musicians SKA virus. However, apart from minor side effects in the form of general euphoria and involuntary swaying of the hips, only the in-ear injection yields the desired result.

Seven musical renegades take up the challenge and create a musical formation that takes the SKA vaccine as the task of as many people as possible.

If bad music prevails in your area, they are the only remedy for this state of affairs.

They call them SKA Petarda

The band Magic to Samba (“Samba Magic”) has been present on the Polish dance market since 2009.



It is made up of one of the first Brazilian samba dancers in Poland.Starting from 2004, MdS dancers have trained in Poland and abroad with the best samba dancers, including Carlinhos to Salgueiro, Slleyk da Bahia, Xandy Liberato, Sarah Pallares, Alex Coutinho, Jorge Amarelloh, and one of the most famous schools in Rio de Janeiro Casa de Dança Carlinhos de Jesus.


MdS dancers are also dance, zumba and fitness instructors. They have been teaching for over 10 years.
In 2016, the founders of the band, Katarzyna and Agnieszka Koś took part in the carnival parade in Três Rios (Rio de Janeiro) on the special invitation of the samba school G.R.E.S. Bom das Bocas.


During Tattoofest, they will present a real carnival samba by moving viewers straight to the Sambódrom in Rio de Janeiro!

The „TATTOOFEST. 25 Polish Female Tattoo Artists – issue 2” is the second edition of the bilingual album (in both Polish and English) about Polish creatresses specialised in this art. The project’s premise is to present 25 talented lady-tattooers, 25 different styles and 25 exceptional photo sessions, enriched by short interviews.

The place behind the camera was taken by the St. Humans duo.The works by Mia and Evgenyi are strongly metaphorical. The idea was that the item taken by the artists to the photo session was supposed to be a symbol of their interests, other than tattooing. It was accompanied by the background colour, chosen specifically for each girl as an additional mean for presenting their art. Thanks to this, we managed to introduce ascetic touch to the composition, as well as maintain coherence among the articles.

You can buy preorder version of the album till 6th of June: http://bit.ly/25issue2

The first release will take place 07.06.2019 in Hevre cocktail-bar in Cracow, Poland.

The official release: 08.06.2019 on XIV Tattoofest Convention in Cracow, Poland.

Hey Guys, we remember about you! ! Butter CUT, the first barbershop in Krakow, will take care of your hair, beards and well-being, entertaining you at the same time with very exquisite jokes.

Oldschool but never old fashioned!


He could not be missed! You can meet Doktor X Supreme Piercing for whole two days of the convention.


Marcin invites you to visit his booth to make the piercing you have always dreamed of!



Graffiti jam

As every year, we’ve planned a few dozen square meters for a graffiti jam.

You will be able to see in action few writers invited by us, for whom we have dedicated the main wall.

In addition, traditionally, a few smaller walls will be created, where everyone will be able to leave a mark.

All those willing to join the painting are invited to the outdoor area


Krakofonia – choir made up of amateurs and professionals, all of them passionate about singing.


Established in 2014. Their repertoire is mostly 4-voice (SATB) pieces, ranging from pop music hits to folk pieces in a variety of languages, to Renaissance love songs. K


rakofonia singers are an extremely diverse and tight-knit crowd that welcomes everyone


. They perform in Poland and abroad and are said to bring a rainbow to the sky wherever they sing.



INDIAN motorcycles are admired and valued in the motorcycle world since 1901, thus making INDIAN the oldest motorcycle manufacturing company in the US.
It’s a company that doesn’t require introducing to any motorcycle enthusiast.
INDIAN motorcycles are an embodiment of tradition, quality, and luxury!
Fulfil your dreams, which are now right at your fingertips.





We always take care of attraction also for the youngest! We invite all children to the KIDS ZONE!


Adults not allowed!




In Fashion Zone you’ll meet:

On 14. Tattoofest you will be able to see not only works made with ink, but also works of the best Polish and foreign photographers, graphic artists and painters.

Through the diversity of techniques, materials and forms, the Art Zone will surprise and delight even the most demanding recipients of contemporary art.

A graduate of the Katowice Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in animation. After several years of work as a graphic designer, she went on a freelance. On a daily basis, she makes illustrations for animation purposes, provides graphic services for companies, and recently runs an online store with her posters. In addition to the illustration, she is also fascinated by typography. In her free time, she draws while listening to criminal podcasts and spends time with her newly adopted dog daughter. When there is a possibility she buys house plants.

Beyger – A painter, graphic designer and tattoo artist at Krakowska Pracownia Tatuażu. Her favourite style of painting is portraiture in which she presents two artistic styles – realism and abstract. She tries to tell about the feelings that dominate her life through great diversity and contrast. Realism is a very important aspect for the author, thanks to which she can constantly shape and improve her skills. She believes a good artist never reaches the maximum of their abilities. On the other hand, abstract forms are a way she expresses her artistry, thanks to which she can transfer her emotions to the canvas.

My Initial interest in tattoos started from a young age. I’m mostly inspired by the traditional tattoos , completely self-taught. I’m also fascinated with other styles such as neo traditional and oriental tattoos. It gives me a great joy to combine sci-fi motifs with major tattoo styles. For me a good work should be characterized by  dynamic compositions and expression.

Jan Moskała , born 1993 in Poland. In 2018 he graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków at the Faculty of Woodcut. He creates his works most of the time in woodcut/linocut technique. He also creates animation movies, storyboards and paintings. He took part in many individual and group exhibitions, like Woodcut Triennal in Hida-Takayama, Japan 2017. Most of the time his art works are abstractions and they are inspired by architecture, cyber culture and nature. All the observations he translates to analog language of art.

KRZYSZTOF ŚWIĘTEK (born 1969) graphics designer, printmaker. 1990 – 95 studies at the Graphic Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Diploma in the Lithography Studio, promoter of prof. R. Żygulski. From 1996 assistant, from 2005 lecturer, from 2011 assistant professor at the Laboratory of Lithography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. In 2010 he recived PhD degree. He creates his works mainly in the lithography technique. In his figurative art, he takes up topics inspired by the art of tattooing, dangerous breeds dog, custom culture and martial arts. He also practices painting and sculpture. He is a graphic designer in his own clothing company TDP (including PSIAKREW, FUEL SUCKER CLUB brands). From 2015, together with Robert Łypik, ROB TATTOO F16 participates in the original project “+ – 70% tattoo”, consisting in covering artist’s body by tattoos according to his own concept in + – 70%. He took part in over 50 collective exhibitions and 5 individual exhibitions. He received over 16 awards and mentions in graphic competitions. In 2019 he received the Grand Prix at the 2nd International Lithographic Competition LITHO-KIELCE.

“I was born in Poznan in 1985. I studied in the National Fine Arts High School in Poznan and graduated from Poznan Academy of Fine Arts. I have been learning painting since I was 12, and I’ve been a professional tattoo artist since 2009. In my paintings, I try to portray multiple aspects of being a human, such as emotions, transience and the animal element of human nature. I am still developing my style and honing my skills, which why I often go back to classic figurative approach that I then confront with more contemporary modes. I am strongly inspired by Baroque, Classicism and Academism. I prefer browsing old photo albums to watching modern art. In my works, I wish to communicate directly with the viewer. I don’t like dressing my painting in sophisticated descriptions – I am just trying to have fun with the ideas that I have and to illustrate emotions with the resources I am confident in using.”

Piotr Starościc born 1992, Chełm – Currently lives and works in Cracow
Group Exhibition :
2019, Stary Browar , “Nie Obrazy”, Poznań, Polska
2018 The ArtBox Project, Armory ArtWeeks, Nowy Jork, USA
2018 Dystans Gallery, “Call for Arts”, Kraków, Polska
2017 Krakowski Pałac Sztuki, „Dyplomy 2017” Kraków, Polska
2017 Izlozbeni salon Izidor Krsnjavi, “One – another”, Zagrzeb, Chorwacja
2016 Pieńków Art Competition, Lipinki, Poland
2016 A.K.T Kunstverein kunstkombinat, “Grey Scale”, Amberg, Niemcy
2015 National Taiwan University of Arts, “Field of Narcissi”, Taipei, Chiny
2015 Klasztor Ojców Dominikanów, „Martwa Natura”, Kraków, Polska
2015 Ecole Professionnelle des Arts Contemporains, “Field of Narcissi”, Saxon, Szwajcaria
2015 Ministerstwa Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego, “Dzieło”, Warszawa, Polska
2015 Wspólna Gallery, “Rysunki najlepszych studentów ASP Kraków” Bydgoszcz, Polska
2015 Solvay Gallery, “Ale Sztuka!”, Kraków, Polska
2016 Stypendium fundacji Sapare Auso
2012 Stypendium Ministera Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego
2012 Stypendium Marszałka Województwa Lubelskiego
Artist cannot express the moral ideal of his time unless he touches all its running sores,
unless he suffers and lives these sores himself. That is how art triumphs over grim, ‘base’
truth, clearly recognising it for what it is, in the name of its own sublime purpose: such is
its destined role. For art could almost be said to be religious in that it is inspired by
commitment to a higher goal. Devoid of spirituality, art carries its own tragedy within it.
For even to recognise the spiritual vacuum of the times in which he lives, the artist must
have specific qualities of wisdom and understanding. The true artist always serves
immortality, striving to immortalise the world and man within the world. An artist who
doesn’t try to seek out absolute truth, who ignores universal goals for the sake of
accidentals, can only be a time-server.

Born in autumn 88, I’ve been tattooing since 2010 first as a hobby and professionally since 2013. In 2017 I’ve started my first trials with a linocut and to this day I devote every free time to creating works in this technique; I am also happy to transfer some of the graphic works to the skin. I am inspired by religious and occult topics.

Poznan-based writer, tattoo and graphic artist, painting graffiti since 1998. His works are characterized by strong, dynamic brush and spray strokes that create abstract forms or handstyle patterns. His paintings directly quote the basic graffiti forms such as tags and their multiple experimental forms.

For the last couple of years now, his main interest has been Calligraffiti – a form of lettering that combines graffiti with calligraphy.

Sicoer’s style is best illustrated in his works, which you can check out in his Instagram profile – www.instagram.com/sicoerism

Kacper„WADE”Samborek-self-taught artist and a skateboarder based in Cracow,
fascinated in geometric art and everything around. In his work he uses pencils, acrylic
paints and markers. Kacper put on precision and pays much attention to details.
His main inspiration is his own head full of various ideas.
He works as a tattooartist in Kult Tattoo Fest in Cracow.

Agnieszka “Yadou” Trojanowska is a graduate of the Graphics Department of Poznan Academy of Fine Arts. For nine years now, her passion for book illustrations and watercolour painting has informed and inspired her tattoo work in Poland and abroad. Her creative works are, however, very different from her tattoos – monochromatic, dark, slightly morbid and disquieting. The big-format drawings from the “Lost Wisdom” series presented here are drawn in coal, black pencil, loose graphite powder and ink. 

Zofia Hyjek, born in 1991. in Cracow. She graduated the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. She completed her diploma at the drawing studio. She participated in numerous group and individual exhibitions. In her works, one can see inspiration mainly taken from Flemish primitivism and Slavic mythology. She likes long walks with her dog in the forest and the smell of gasoline. Zofia paints, draws, illustrates, creates comics and stories.