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BMX School on the 14. Tattoofest Convention. BMX School is the profesional school of BMX, started in 2005. Michał Basta - the founder and professional BMX rider. The main mission is to introduce all amateurs of this sport in fully professional manner. During the convention,  you will be able to find out detailed information about their activities and borrow the bike ( in sizes for children and adults) and take advantage of free training.

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DJ Bambus He is one of the precursors of DJing in Silesia. In the 90s he worked with the band 3-x Klan, later he co-created both albums of "Paktofonika", compilation "Usta Miasta Kast" and "19 Południk - Własnym Torem" and CDs opf "Pijani powietrzem" , MCF and debut of the Projektor. Until 2017 he was also an official member of Pokahontaz, with whom they released several albums. Scratches and cutes performed by DJ Bambus were also included in albums of such artists as: Buka, DonGALALesko, Lilu, Miuosh or Rahim. His sets are  in old hip-hop mood, but still very danceable, [...]




This year we have few new categories!  Competitions at our event are the quintessence of a tattooist meeting, and for the public the opportunity to see works at the highest level. SATURDAY: MEDIUM COLOUR MEDIUM BLACK & GREY BIG COMPOSITION MINI TATTOO GRAPHIC TATTOO EXPERIMENTAL TATTOO BEST OF SATURDAY SUNDAY: SMALL COLOUR LARGE COLOUR ORIGINAL STYLE SMALL BLACK & GREY LARGE BLACK & GREY BEST OF SUNDAY JURY A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, where he studied painting with a specialization in new media. He started to tattoo relatively recently, because in 2012, [...]

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Karolina & Maciek Karolina, born and raised in Cracow. Lead vocalist of pop-punk crew CF98 for over 10 years now. Her musical career brought her straight to the final of X factor 4th season. She is a fan of whisky, silly jokes, colorfull tattoos and cats (which she is allergic to) // Maciek, born in Cracow he works as a day in Kult Jubilat Shop as a manager. Eevery Wednesday You can hear him in Off Radio Krakow in a radio program „Cult Wednesday” his guests are people from the world of tattoo, music, sport and other areas of life. [...]

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As every year, we’ve planned a few dozen square meters for a graffiti jam. You will be able to see in action few writers invited by us, for whom we have dedicated the main wall. In addition, traditionally, a few smaller walls will be created, where everyone will be able to leave a mark. All those willing to join the painting are invited to the outdoor area

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Hey Guys, we remember about you! ! Butter CUT, the first barbershop in Krakow, will take care of your hair, beards and well-being, entertaining you at the same time with very exquisite jokes. Oldschool but never old fashioned!

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LECTURE Saturday at 13.00 Sunday at 13.00 “Marks of identity- Tribal tattoos in Southeast Asia” Until recently tattoo practice is widespread among the peoples of Southeast Asia. In my presentation based on my own experience in conducting fieldwork research in Asia, I would like to take a closer look at the historical roots of this tradition as well as its contemporary condition. By unveiling the structure of the symbolic meanings of tribal tattoos in Southeast Asia, I would like to bring this phenomenon closer to a wider audience. [...]

OPEN LECTURE – TOBIASZ TARGOSZ2019-05-28T22:14:59+02:00

25 Polish Female Tattoo Artists vol.2


The „TATTOOFEST. 25 Polish Female Tattoo Artists – issue 2” is the second edition of the bilingual album (in both Polish and English) about Polish creatresses specialised in this art. The project's premise is to present 25 talented lady-tattooers, 25 different styles and 25 exceptional photo sessions, enriched by short interviews.  The place behind the camera was taken by the St. Humans duo.The works by Mia and Evgenyi are strongly metaphorical. The idea was that the item taken by the artists to the photo session was supposed to be a symbol of their interests, other than tattooing. It was accompanied [...]

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On 14. Tattoofest you will be able to see not only works made with ink, but also works of the best Polish and foreign photographers, graphic artists and painters. Through the diversity of techniques, materials and forms, the Art Zone will surprise and delight even the most demanding recipients of contemporary art.

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