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As every year, we’ve planned a few dozen square meters for a graffiti jam. You will be able to see in action few writers invited by us, for whom we have dedicated the main wall. In addition, traditionally, a few smaller walls will be created, where everyone will be able to leave a mark. All those willing to join the painting are invited to the outdoor area

GRAFFITI JAM2019-05-29T13:16:56+02:00



Hey Guys, we remember about you! ! Butter CUT, the first barbershop in Krakow, will take care of your hair, beards and well-being, entertaining you at the same time with very exquisite jokes. Oldschool but never old fashioned!

BUTTER CUT2019-05-28T22:13:43+02:00



LECTURE Saturday at 13.00 Sunday at 13.00 “Marks of identity- Tribal tattoos in Southeast Asia” Until recently tattoo practice is widespread among the peoples of Southeast Asia. In my presentation based on my own experience in conducting fieldwork research in Asia, I would like to take a closer look at the historical roots of this tradition as well as its contemporary condition. By unveiling the structure of the symbolic meanings of tribal tattoos in Southeast Asia, I would like to bring this phenomenon closer to a wider audience. [...]

OPEN LECTURE – TOBIASZ TARGOSZ2019-05-28T22:14:59+02:00

25 Polish Female Tattoo Artists vol.2


The „TATTOOFEST. 25 Polish Female Tattoo Artists – issue 2” is the second edition of the bilingual album (in both Polish and English) about Polish creatresses specialised in this art. The project's premise is to present 25 talented lady-tattooers, 25 different styles and 25 exceptional photo sessions, enriched by short interviews.  The place behind the camera was taken by the St. Humans duo.The works by Mia and Evgenyi are strongly metaphorical. The idea was that the item taken by the artists to the photo session was supposed to be a symbol of their interests, other than tattooing. It was accompanied [...]

25 Polish Female Tattoo Artists vol.22019-05-28T17:27:54+02:00



On 14. Tattoofest you will be able to see not only works made with ink, but also works of the best Polish and foreign photographers, graphic artists and painters. Through the diversity of techniques, materials and forms, the Art Zone will surprise and delight even the most demanding recipients of contemporary art.

ART ZONE2019-05-27T21:51:40+02:00 BEFORE/AFTER HEVRE


We invite you to the after/before party! 7/8.06.2019 we're gonna party in the center of the historical district of Cracow - Kazimierz in "Hevre". The building from the end of the XIX century was a jewish prayer house. During the Second World War it was desolated. After World War it became a headquarter of a Band of Songs and Dance "Krakowiacy". From 20:00 there will be 3 floors and 2 DJs waiting for us, who will play until the morning! During the before party we will show you the pre-premiere of the second edition of the bilingual album "TATTOOFEST. 25 Polish Female [...] BEFORE/AFTER HEVRE2019-05-17T20:52:13+02:00



#streetwearnomads' next tour stop will be in Krakow! For quite some time hashtag streetwearnomads it's not only a social media tag, which in was created by Zulu Kuki in 2016. It’s primarily a creative space and community, deeply rooted in street culture. The most important goal was always to express yourself and your vision. At the moment, it's already 28k photos marked with this tag in social media and most importantly - a growing, creative community that, thanks to vernissages and exhibitions, once in a while moves from online to real spaces. This time we join our forces with Zulu Kuki to [...]


Fashion zone


This year we expand our festival for another 1500 sq.m! Among the others, we'll use that space to create a Fashion zone where you can find more than 20 vary traders offering clothes, jewelry and other accessories. Check details here:             [...]

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