With great pleasure, we present the graphic promoting next year’s 17th edition of the Tattoofest festival. It was created by Timur Lysenko from the ‘Redberry Tattoo’ studio in Wrocław.

Timur Lysenko is an artist who, in the world of tattooing, celebrates nearly two decades filled with creativity and passion. His extraordinary skills and unique, surrealist style have positioned him as one of the leading tattoo artists in the field.

Over the years, Timur has focused on expressing his message primarily through the visual layer. His works stand out with distinctive blends of colors and flawless technique, contributing significantly to the artist’s recognition. However, he doesn’t limit himself to the art of the body alone—his artistic soul leads a life immersed in various art forms, such as painting, clothing design, furniture making, and artistic installations.

Timur’s style can be described as surrealist, where graphics intertwine with realism or transition into purely graphic forms. Rather than adhering strictly to a particular style, the artist prefers specific motifs with which he most identifies. His works often draw inspiration from botanical, animalistic, and abstract motifs, creating a unique visual language.

Timur Lysenko is not just a creator on skin but also a versatile artist, as evidenced by his involvement in various art disciplines. His contributions have been acknowledged on various platforms, notably through the exhibition “hard life” during the Tattoofest Art Zone in 2022. Additionally, serving as a double expert juror in the Graphic Tattoo category, he actively contributes to the development of this art form by sharing his experience and knowledge with fellow artists. Timur Lysenko is undeniably a figure who leaves a lasting mark in the world of art and tattooing.

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