LISTEN UP — Dialogue Zone is a project that was created in 2022. You had the opportunity to witness its first edition during the 15th edition of Tattoofest. We’re on the lookout for valuable content and interesting individuals who will help us grow and explore new territories. Just as it goes in the Dialogue Zone — we’ll have conversations. This time, we’ll be discussing the traditions of tattooing and its presence in art, culture, and the showbiz industry.

This year, our Dialogue Zone was concluded by a conversation about covering unwanted tattoos.

Konrad Horodecki, known as Rudy Dziara, has been involved in tattooing for nearly 20 years, although he claims that he has learned the most in the last 10 years by putting everything on the line and immersing himself in the flow and the world of tattooing. Over the course of these two decades, he has experimented with various styles, struggling to find his place. Finally, one day, he developed and refined his own style, combining rather niche tattoo techniques: Blackout and White on Black, in various forms as a new field of cover-ups.

Piotr Hryniów graduated from the Faculty of International Relations, specializing in International Tourism, although he has never worked in the tourism industry. After years of working in action sports and event organization, he entered the tattoo industry in 2017. Two years later, he started the “Laser Wars” project. Since then, he has gained experience by removing hundreds of tattoos using laser technology. As he says, laser tattoo removal is a serious procedure, and he approaches each client very individually.

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