For all tattoo enthusiasts, we have something exceptional in store for you! Alongside our incredible lineup of artists, we have a special section dedicated to ethnic tattoos. Karolina Czaja from Primitive Tattoo takes care of this unique corner, and this year, we are joined by Ronna Ventigan from Spiritual Journey in California and Justyna Wajda from Hand Poke Tattoo Temple in Warsaw, specializing in the hand poke technique.

You will be fascinated not only by the artists’ skills but also by the profound cultural significance of these traditional tattoos. Come and experience the unparalleled atmosphere of this extraordinary place, where different tattoo traditions converge.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity. Join us at the festival and discover the beauty and magic of ethnic tattoos!

You’re invited!

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Phone: Aleksandra Halatek 0048 793 513 777

In 2006 we hosted less than 30 artists,

now we have an honor of hosting almost 400!

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