LISTEN UP — Dialogue Zone is a project that was created in 2022. You had the opportunity to witness its first edition during the 15th edition of Tattoofest. We’re on the lookout for valuable content and interesting individuals who will help us grow and explore new territories. Just as it goes in the Dialogue Zone — we’ll have conversations. This time, we’ll be discussing the traditions of tattooing and its presence in art, culture, and the showbiz industry.

We began the Sunday meetings at the Dialogue Zone – POSŁUCHAJŻE with a conversation with well-known figures in the piercing industry. Anna Małachowska and Beata Kwaśniewska shared insights about the feminine side of piercing.

Anna Małachowska – the founder and owner of the largest piercing studio in Poland, a piercer with years of experience. Her aim is to promote the highest standards in piercing, focusing on quality work, a unique perspective on this art, and the safety of her clients. A few years ago, she started her own training sessions, contributing to the development of the beautiful art of body adornment in our country and beyond its borders. Her students work in top studios across Europe and even establish their own practices. Teaching became her passion, leading to the creation of #Familiangie, a community of her students forming a unique support and knowledge-sharing group. Angie also collaborates with the best artists from various continents, continuously gaining knowledge and substantive support from them.

Beata Kwaśniewska, also known as PierceBeti, is an experienced piercer. She began her career in Toruń, later working in Bydgoszcz and Brodnica. Currently, she’s a member of the Stormy Family in Gdańsk. She has been professionally piercing since 2011 and has participated in the largest European conference for piercers – BMXnet Conference – every year since 2016. Beata is the president of the Professional Piercers Poland association and the vice president of the InkedEarth association. Her experience as a piercer, previous collaborations with non-governmental organizations, and frequent attendance at industry events allowed her to organize the first conference for professional piercers in Poland in 2021. Beti has established collaborations with the American APP association, BMXnet organizers, and numerous leading companies in the piercing industry. Her drive for continuous development extends not only to herself but also to the entire Polish piercing scene.

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