LISTEN UP — Dialogue Zone is a project that was created in 2022. You had the opportunity to witness its first edition during the 15th edition of Tattoofest. We’re on the lookout for valuable content and interesting individuals who will help us grow and explore new territories. Just as it goes in the Dialogue Zone — we’ll have conversations. This time, we’ll be discussing the traditions of tattooing and its presence in art, culture, and the showbiz industry.

Łukasz Orbitowski was born in 1977 in Krakow. He also completed his studies at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University. He published his reviews and columns in publications such as “Nowa Fantastyka,” “Przekrój,” “Lampa,” and “Gazeta Wyborcza.” He also hosted the program “Dezerterzy” on TVP Kultura. The writer’s first collection of short stories, “Złe wybrzeża,” appeared in 1999. Among his most significant works are the novels “Tracę ciepło” from 2007, an extraordinary combination of horror and literary fiction titled “Święty Wrocław” from 2009, as well as “Szczęśliwa ziemia” and “Inna dusza.” In 2007, Orbitowski’s novel “Tracę ciepło” received the title of Krakow Book of the Month. In 2013, Łukasz Orbitowski was nominated for the Paszport Polityki in the literature category and received a nomination for the J. Zajdel Award for the novel “Szczęśliwa ziemia.” In 2016, he was awarded the Paszport Polityki for the novel “Inna dusza,” which also received nominations for the Nike Literary Award and the Gdynia Literary Award. Subsequently, “Exodus” was created in 2017, followed by “Kult” in 2019. Recently, Łukasz Orbitowski delved into the history of a mysterious flying object that crashed into the Gdynia port basin in the late 1950s in the book “Chodź ze mną” (Come with Me).

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