„To be or not to be” and that is the question of this years Art Fusion. As every year we give to an outstanding tattoo artists a possibilty to paint boards, silicone hands, shoes, wooden letters and this year skulls made of plastic, in 1:1 scale. After painting, these items are sold at an auction and all money goes to for charity. At TF16 you will see awesome artists: Jacob Wiman, Kay Lee, Michael „Goorazz” Hill, Simon Knefel, Jacob Zamora, Benjamin Laukis and Piotr Szot. The whole process of painting the skulls will be taking place live on Saturday between 13:00 and 15:00 right next to the stage, while the auction of these small works of art will be held on Sundays at 15:30.
Be sure to come because the goal is as always laudable.

Contact Info

Phone: Aleksandra Halatek 0048 793 513 777

In 2006 we hosted less than 30 artists,

now we have an honor of hosting almost 400!

Have you already choose your artist?