Sak Yan are the traditional magical tattoos of Thailand which recently have become very popular in the West. Nowadays many people seek for Sak Yan to be protected or attract good luck. The power of Sak Yan comes from the teachings of the Buddha but also from pre-Buddhist practices. To empower these tattoos, practitioners must be initiated and trained by a competent teacher.

Being a practitioner of Reusi tradition, Bhalacandra will present genuine information about Sak Yan and related topics during this talk.

The conference will be in English (translated simultaneously to Polish).

About Reusi Bhalacandra:

After having practiced Buddhism for several years, Bhalacandra was initiated to the Reusi tradition by Ajahn Prasong, Reusi Petch Dam, Reusi Sompit, Somananda Yogi and other venerable Masters and he also got initiated to the Sak Yan practice.

Since then, the preservation of this tradition became one of his major purpose and the Sak Yan along with meditation became the means to divulge genuine information and to bring people closer to a more self-aware way of living according to Buddha’s Teachings.

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