From now on we have 2 weeks to Tattoofest weekend! For the warm-up before the festival Saturday and Sunday, we propose two more events. One of them is the All Stars guest spot, during which you will be able to get tattooed by a dozen or so of our festival guests. This is a great opportunity to catch some additional appointments. Similarly to last year, the guest spot will take place in our studios (Kult/Szpitalna St. i Kult/Jubilat). For more details go to the event page and catch flashes while they are still available.

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Second event is our traditional warm up party. This time it will be accompanied by the pre-premiere of an album “Tattoofest.25 Polish Female Tattoo Artists”. This year, we meet in a different and unique place, Enklawa located at Dolnych Mlynow 10 St.. It’a a well known place to anyone in Krakow, and a must-be to anyone from outside the city. There will be good music and good drinks, so you can’t miss it too!

See you 1st June!

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Contact Info

Phone: Aleksandra Halatek 0048 793 513 777

In 2006 we hosted less than 30 artists,

now we have an honor of hosting almost 400!

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